How To Better Manage Your Time

Managing productivity starts with time management that can be a tricky balance for people to keep up with but there are a couple of solutions to managing your time better. These tips will help keep your schedule organized and improve your time management skills.
It might seem simple or old school, but it’s recommended to keep track of important activities in a calendar or planner as writing it down will help you remember. This will also keep you organized with new plans so you won’t accidentally double-book on the same day or time, you can use a physical planner or a digital one using an app.
Try using the first 15 minutes of your day to create a to-do list with priorities listed first and smaller tasks last. Checking off your completed tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment and will help you stay organized.
When planning your daily schedule, try to incorporate sometime for interruptions as most of them come last minute that can deter your schedule. This will also give your schedule some wiggle room in case something important comes up without disturbing your plans.
Having a cluttered work area can be distracting and hard to find what you need unless you’re organized. Keeping a tidy work area will help you maintain productivity that will relieve stress for a more relaxed work environment that will have you ready for anything coming your way.
Taking breaks and some time for yourself will help manage your time better to give you small 10-minute moments to relax or refocus to get your tasks completed. This also stems from taking time for yourself such as learning how to say no to things like unnecessary events as it is important to take care of yourself before anything else.
Sometimes you might need some help with a task so don’t be afraid to ask and delegate so all tasks are completed in a timely manner. This might seem like a sign of a lower work ethic but delegating gives the opportunity for others to contribute their input and ideas that will encourage collaboration while meeting deadlines.
Use your free time wisely instead of scrolling through social media platforms to do something that will benefit you in a positive way. You can try doing an activity that will have a positive impact such as making a healthy dinner for yourself, working on some items on your to-do list, or exercise.